PRESERMAR S.A.S. is a company engaged in the shipping business for the attention to ships in the supply of drinking water, reception of sludge, slops, ballast, garbage, consultations and maritime advisings and all that relate to matters of activity port in the inner bay of Cartagena and Buenaventura’s Port.


Our Infrastructure

PRESERMAR S.A.S., it relies on the best infrastructure to offer to you and to all our clients an ideal, sure service and with all the guarantees for that it waits in the development of operations, consultancies and maritime advisings.


Our Services

Maritime transport of Water

Drinking funding to areas authorized by captaincy port of Cartagena, and authorized by DIMAR water terminals.

Cargo and Managing waste

Cargo and handling spills, ballast, garbage, waste, and all that relate to matters of activity.

General Cargo

General cargo capacity on deck, machinery, equipment and tools. Coastal and maritime activities and marine operator.

Our Certifications